Technology Industry Client

ROI-Optimized Demand Generation

How does 13x funnel ROI sound? Like big, big sales wins.

To meet aggressive goals to expand the sales pipeline, we came up with new ways to map a full-funnel digital marketing campaign. We put analytics to work to manage and optimize a series of account-based marketing and lead gen campaigns, leveraging social media as a primary channel.
Media Planning & Buying + Account-Based Targeting + Retargeting Campaigns + Lead Generation

The Client

Our client is a leading Fortune 1000 software company and an industry powerhouse focused on complex cloud and infrastructure solutions. They’re leading the way in innovation for tech decision-makers, from cloud architects to engineers.
We provided leadership from campaign vision to the nitty-gritty of tracking and pixels, in order to optimize multiple product initiatives throughout the funnel.

The Impact

Simply put, we crushed it. From 124% lift in target accounts trafficking key product pages to 13x funnel ROI to 2.9x opportunity ROI to 31% reduction in cost per acquisition, and direct linkage to tens of millions in pipeline growth.

Pretty exciting numbers, right?
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