Personal Renewal with Purpose

July 30, 2010Sparxoo

All luxury fulfills an emotional need. Often times, that need is social relevancy and status among peers. Think about what a Louis Vuitton bag says about a person: affluence and they should be recognized for it. There is a rising trend in luxury that stretches beyond superficial, Louis Vuitton and D&G status symbols, and speaks to rejuvenation, personal energy and sustainability. No, millionaires are not holding hands around a camp fire, singing Koombaya. This emerging class of high net worth individuals seek to preserve themselves and the world around them. Two similar, yet different, brands capturing this rising trend are Terrain and Lululemon Athletica.

Terrain, an outdoor home and garden store owned by Urban Outfitters, is a calming retreat into nature. Chairs, tables, and pots look as if it grew naturally in the store. Every piece of furniture seems artfully hand-selected from yard sales and foreign ruins. That’s not to say you feel like you’re in a junk yard. Terrain taps into a central element of luxury: rarity. The outdoor home and garden store is about 30 percent re-used products, but the company carefully selects objects that embody sophisticated, organic style. Each object feels natural, sustainable and hand-selected just for your home.

Lululemon Athletica takes a different approach to revitalizing personal energy. Where Terrain seeks to rejuvenate through a natural environment, Lululemon takes a more active approach. The luxury healthy living retail site promotes physical renewal through yoga, Pilates and other forms of exercise. Its exclusive community is populated by former Olympians and athletes that inspire others to live strong. These brand ambassadors promote their unique healthy lifestyle through images, free demonstrations and each month members are given a challenge.

Terrain and Lululemon represent an emerging segment in the luxury category. Renewing personal energy through premium products, such as a palace door ruin from Terrain or high-end exercise gear at Lululemon, is only half the picture. Both emerging luxury brands offer an wholistic branded experience either through a relaxing in-store environment or empowered online community. Terrain and Lululemon are making luxury less superficial and more sustainable to both the environment (recycled products at Terrain) and individual energy (yoga and pilates at Lululemon).