The Luxury of Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

July 27, 2010Sparxoo

You are assigned a mission in which you will train with former M16 agents. Your journey will take you around the world where you must complete challenging tasks that require both brains and brawn. Do you wish to accept? Many high net worth individuals are asking, where do I sign up? The seven-figure Indiana-Jones-inspired vacation is one of many thrill-seeking experiences coordinated by the members-only luxury concierge service, Quintessentially. Quintessentially is leading a trend that curates not just extravagant vacations, but extraordinary experiences that yield incredible stories.

“These days people are looking for those once-in-a-lifetime moments,” says Quintessentially’s founder, Aaron Simpson to the WSJ. “Getting a peek into a closed-off sector of the pyramids or cruising through Europe in a Bentley can be a very different experience than your average vacation.” Indeed, extreme luxurious vacations are less about pampering and island getaways and more about access to exclusive experiences.

“Our luxury travelers are fascinated by the history in Israel and nearby Turkey and really want to have in-depth cultural experiences,” says Ashley Isaacs Ganz, founder of Artisans of Leisure Travel to the Luxury Institute. Ganz explains, his high net-worth clients seek thrilling, unexploited experiences, such as renting a rehabbed ghost town in the Colorado wilderness or pay $17,500 a night for the Dunton Hot Springs.

Artisans of Leisure Travel and Quintessentially understand the power of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and re-experiencing them through stories. More unique stories you have, the more interesting you become. For instance, who would have better life-stories: dare-devil billionaire Richard Branson or tech tycoon Bill Gates? Sure, Gates could wax poetic about software systems, but Branson could regale you with stories of hot air balloon races and sky diving.

More affluent individuals are searching for Branson-esque adventure that pair risk (exotic cultural explorations) with reward (fascinating stories) to yield incredible experiences. It’s about finding your passion — whether it’s an Indiana Jones adventure or archeologist —  and realizing the life you could have had through exclusive experiences. It’s not enough to put your mind on auto pilot, if you dreamed of flying in an F-47, you are the pilot. And concierge services, such as Quintessentially and Leisure Travel, are making that possible.

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