2010 Psychographic Trend Report

March 8, 2010Sparxoo


Imagine riding on a subway car. Across from you is a middle-aged woman reading Michael Crichton, next to her is a young hipster jamming out and playing a game on his Android phone, down the car is a fashionista with 5″ inch Gucci heels, and next to you a woman reading a “How to Install a Kitchen Sink” DIY book. We see these people every day, whether it’s on a subway, walking down the street, in the office or at home. They are our colleagues, friends and even, us.

All of us are bucketed into lifestyle groups, called psychographics. In our 2010 Psychographic Report, find out what drives the adrenaline junkies like Shaun White, the secret pleasures of Indulgents and more.

Conscious Consumers are a diverse group that collectively believe in and support the sustainability of life on this planet through buying decisions — whether it’s hormone-free meat or donating to the search to cure breast cancer.

The New Family rationalizes treating their pets better than their children, asks if they can have their old room back and are returning to dorm life with communal apartments.

Type A individuals know what they want, and will spend the extra, painstaking time to get there — whether it’s printing digital coupons or Tweeting daily auto tips or sourcing food.

Beta People thrive on the latest trends, whether its in technology or fashion. They are tech and fashion aficionados that will pay top dollar for the latest Alexander McQueen or Gucci fashions or Android model.

Community Organizers are made up of Digital Gatherers, who are your “Ethan’s United” Facebook group admins and Cafe Leaders organize, who local Hemmingway book clubs on Meetup.com.

Risk Takers are prevalent in every generation. Shaun White is Gen Y’s Adrenaline Junkie, Sergey Brin is Gen X’s New Venturers and Anthony Bourdain is Boomer’s Travelista.

Pro-Ams turn their passion into a “second job,” whether it’s about charting the night-time sky or building a deck addition to their home.

Indulgents need to splurge once in a while to maintain an even life balance — to get away, either for 10 minutes on our train commute or a week in Aruba.

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Image by Vivek Chugh from Stock.Xchng