A Must Read: The New Influencer

October 22, 2009Sparxoo


By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

This month, our team read Paul Gillin’s book, The New Influencer: A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media. We wanted to share some of the key points that make this book a social media and blogging classic.

Total Rating
4.5 out of 5

Who Should Read the Book

Thinking about writing a blog for your small business or are you a marketer looking to dial-up your clients presence on the web? Paul Gillin’s book, The New Influencer: A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media, offers practical advice for anyone, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or digital novice, to increase brand presence and capture new audiences in the online space. Nearly four years after its publication, it remains relevant and useful to industry professionals and greenhorns alike.

What is the Book About

The New Influencer takes a serious examination of social media and blogging in the digital transition of business to the web. It is digestible in its simplicity yet alive with rich examples, case studies and anecdotes. Gillin provides sensible information on how to increase market share through blogging and social media while building a community of engaged users. He pulls insights from successful small auto blogs to corporate missteps in the blogosphere to guide readers on how to avoid common pitfalls.

Why is the Book Important

There are many books that have followed in Paul Gillin’s path; however, The New Influencer remains an essential tool for marketers and non-marketers alike. Gillin is a forerunner in his exploration of digital influencers, and though the web is fast-paced, Gillin still captures the fundamentals of blogging and social media. The New Influencers has won accolades from industry professionals, such as Seth Godin and mainstream media, such as The Wall Street Journal.

Why is this Book Unique

Though there are a lot of on and offline publications that examine blogging, podcasting and social media, the scope of Gillin’s in-depth analysis, research and insights remain strong and reliable to this day. Gillin spent the extra time interviewing industry professionals, such as Jeff Jarvis (author of BuzzMachine) and Michael Arrington (creator of TechCrunch). By doing his homework and exploring many the facets of blogging and social media, The New Influencer is a credible resource for experienced bloggers and those breaking into the blogosphere.

Similar Books

To add further credibility to The New Influencer, Paul Gillin practices what he preaches. True to his word, Gillin maintains a blog–both for The New Influencers and a blog with his name. If you would like to learn more about social media, since the publication of The New Influencers, Gillin has written, Secrets of Social Media Marketing: How to Use Online Conversations and Customer Communities to Turbo-Charge Your Business!.

Sparxoo Comments

We have incorporated many of the points in Gillin’s book into our own blog. We have considered many of Gillin’s tips, such as the 500 word rule, permalinks and many others. However, one of the natural challenges this book faces is the fast-paced nature of the web. Social media rapidly changes from even month to month. For example, Gillin’s book does not discuss Facebook’s tremendous success. Although The New Influencers does not do a deep-dive on micro-blogging and the explosion of Twitter, much of the text consists of basic information that will remain relevant for a long time. Our advice is for those looking to enter the blogosphere, hit the ground running by reading The New Influencers.

Top Takeaways

Blogging is a community ruled by reciprocity. It’s not just what can you do for me, it’s more about what can I do for you. Promoting other bloggers will help you build meaningful relationships while extending your audience and peer network.

The blogosphere is more like the Wild West than anything else. With no governing laws, the bloggers must abide by unsaid rules. Honesty is one of the rules that keep bloggers in check. In otherwords, it’s about full disclosure. Chances are, if you’re trying to hide something, someone out there will catch you.

Blogging is not only for the digital savvy. Anyone can blog. Gillin cites small auto to ad review blogs that benefit from blogging. With new, user-friendly tools out there, the blogosphere is not reserved for tech geeks.