Emerging Trends: Private Eye

May 1, 2009Sparxoo


Magnifying the Truth

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

Drilling down. That’s what this trend is all about. It’s getting to the core of what truly matters–pushing stereotypes aside and finding the truth. As we face challenging times, we are our personal gumshoe. We need to follow the clues and rely on the cold-hard facts to find out what is real and whom we can trust.

Breaking down Stereotypes—Stereotypes are like safety blankets in the middle of the night–they provide warmth and give us the feeling of security. But as we continue to face difficult times, reality is ripping that security blanket from us and making us confront our fears. We are shedding our preconceived notions about what we think others can do to find out what they can do, as we seek to maximize everyone’s potential.
Aspiration VS Perspiration, Idealism VS Realism—Big, grand ideas that floated in the clouds were once a sought-after company promise. The sky-is-the-limit kind of thinking has taken a back seat as we fight to balance our budgets. Sweat, hard work and numbers are becoming increasingly important as we struggle to sustain business.

Donald Trump—Yes, Trump Entertainment has filed Chapter 11. A contributing factor to Trump Entertainment’s bankruptcy was the aspirational image synonymous with the flamboyant spending playboy Donald Trump. In times where perspiration and realism outweighs aspiration and idealism, it is no surprise Trump Entertainment has made the plunge yet again.
Timothy Geithner—Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner learned a valuable lesson when he tried to shoot the moon with the announcement of the bailout package. Why? Again, Geithner was talking from a cloud, not face-to-face. His bailout was no silver bullet and investors caught-on, causing the DOW to plummet 381.99 points, or 4.6 percent.

Key Words
Hard Work, Truth, Realism

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