Emerging Trends: MAXimizers

April 16, 2009Sparxoo

Venture for Value

Doing more with what you have is what the MAXimizer trend is all about. Whether it’s getting the best value in education or finding the best bargains, a savvier shopper will emerge as we face economic hardships that challenge us to search for outstanding value. The MAXimizer trend is where the intellectual fulfillment of the classroom meets the great feeling of getting the best deal—keeping in mind that value is relative, regardless of class, no one wants to be taken advantage of.

Getting an Edge–In a competitive world, we need to stay a step ahead. Now more than ever, we have to capitalize on our strengths and push ourselves to be stronger and more competitive. Learning new skills is an important element in staying ahead of the curve. College admissions have seen an influx of applicants due to what some call the “bomb shelter mentality.” Academia is a great way to boost your resume while dodging the harsh realities of a slow economy.

Savvy–Bargain hunting is key to those seeking to maximize their shopping dollar. Consumers are finding new ways to get the best deal. Whether it is a web service or the penny-saver, coupons and discounts are the carrot at the end of the stick for the MAXimizer.

Re-Tooling–In a recent survey, the Department of Labor reported a substantial job decline in the manufacturing and construction sector, while education and government sectors remained unaffected. It is going to be evermore important that former employees with a high school diploma as their highest academic achievement return to the classroom. To have a competitive edge in a new job market, it is critical for workers to learn new skills.

Amazon–Finding the best deals has never been as efficient and accessible as today. With Internet services such as Amazon, users can buy used books, compare prices, and receive deep discounts with each purchase. Through consumer reviews, rating systems and competing vendors, Amazon helps its users find the right item at the right price. It’s the bargain mentality companies need to capitalize on in order to capture the savvy shopper.

Aldi’s DiscountAldi’s deep discounts and no-frills philosophy (bag the baggers and serve yourself at the cash only registers) may be just the ingredients of a recession proof recipe. Already, Aldi’s low prices—up to 40 percent lower than those of regular supermarkets—have scored it a loyal following. Whether your household income is $30,000 or $300,000 everyone is looking for real recessionary “rollbacks” and Aldi may be the answer to savings without having to “cutback” on purchases.

Perkler–This Australian website is the Amazon.com for rewards programs. Users sign-up for rewards programs that look interesting and Perkler.com sends users rewards in store or online. It’s also a buy for niche shoppers or those looking for that unique something. Perkler has over 500 rewards programs with 150,000 rewards. Finding that right something can come with the right price.