Emerging Trends: Sensory Mashup

April 15, 2009Sparxoo



By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer
To re-energize product appeal, many companies are looking toward unconventional ways to speak to our senses–often adding additional, more alternative ways to grab our attention. Sensory Mash-Up is all about finding different ways to makes us feel, using nontraditional methods. Whether its shoes or rock climbing, companies are connecting (A)typical to (C)onvention to get (B)usiness.

Purely Experiential–Taking two unrelated, great ideas and smooshing them together is the core of the Sensory Mash-Up trend. Most ideas are interesting, but do not have staying power. It’s all about experimenting to create something interesting and new. Often times Sensory Mash-Up products are difficult to launch because they are too far in left field. But once in a while, Sensory Mash-Up works and becomes an instant sensation.
Custom Fit–Nowadays, companies are buzzing about, asking, “how can we customize this to our consumers?” Well, the ideas hatched from that question often times lead into Sensory Mash-Up. It begins with what part of your companies product can be customized. Is it your shoe color/design, or the size of your mug? Then, how are consumers going to customize… are they going into your store or are they customizing online? There are so many variables that can be tweaked to differentiate your product in the market, while giving your customers a unique way to experience your product.

DigiWall--Recently, there has been a movement in the gaming world to push gamers off the couch and into a world that further blurs the line between reality and virtual reality. Some game consoles (i.e. Wii) have brought this movement to the forefront of the gaming world. However, some Sensory Mash-Up games do not scale well for in-home gaming. DigiWall is a perfect example of this. DigiWall incorporates a fun, gaming experience into the sport of indoor climbing. Lights are embedded into the holds (aka, grips), so climbers are challenged to either climb using certain holds, or might be challenged to climb the wall within a certain time frame. The portable wall is targeted toward children, but it provides a fun experience for adults.
AudioFuel–For many runners, music is the life force behind every stride. The beat of the drum guides our pace and the rest of the band carries our strength to do better. The people at AudioFuel began thinking… why not create a music download site for runners who need the right beat for the right workout? AudioFuel did just that, and then some. Runners can download beat-specific play lists (varying in intensity), with voice-overs counting the beats and offering running tips and inspirational remarks.
Samsung--Traditionally, vending machine advertising has been left up to the product inside the machine. Well, Samsung hopes to change that. With their new 46″ touch-screen Coca-Cola vending machine, unveiled at the International CES (produced by Consumer Electronics Association), Samsung gives a new face to the on-the-go snack machine (with much ad space, of course).

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