Integrated Marketing and PR

With a long history as the world’s premiere professional bowling association in a sport with over 71 million annual participants, the PBA  was looking to attain a new level of success.  In January 2013, the PBA launched its new PBA league format that featured celebrity owners Chris Paul, Jerome Bettis, Terrell Owens, Kevin Hart, and others. The PBA asked for Sparxoo’s help in telling the story of a sports property building a deeper connection with fans and sponsors.

Sparxoo Solution:

Sparxoo analyzed the broader sports and sponsorship market and worked directly with the PBA executive team to assess the business opportunity for key initiatives.  Then, Sparxoo translated the business case into key messages and a well-designed, engaging, executive level presentation for the PBA team to showcase its vision to influential stakeholders and partners in sports, media, sponsorship, and finance.