As you have seen throughout December, there are several major areas of marketing that will see exponential growth in 2014. Pay attention to the trends as these trends have the potential to become the biggest and brightest winning marketing strategies in the New Year. Creative content marketing, buzzworthy experiences, and dynamic social media will all see mega movement, and will be vital to your digital marketing plans. Additionally, there are two other areas that have the potential to be massive game changers in 2014: Mobile and Integrated Marketing.

Top 5 Powerhouses and Their Trends for 2014

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4) Mobile

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Mobile technology will be a huge trend in 2014. Mobile, however, is much more than a trend – it’s a full-blown marketing strategy unto itself. Creating a mobile version of your desktop site is a must in order to keep up with digital marketing. Users are not only searching online, but they are also purchasing online. (In 2012, Cyber Monday mobile site sales accounted for 13% of total sales that day – twice as many as the year before.) So you may want to explore adding a purchasing system to your mobile site. Additional, mobile payment systems will be even more robust such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts ability to pay using a scan-and-go code.

The important thing to remember with mobile sites is that less is usually more. You want your mobile site to be as condensed and organized as possible to create a more user-friendly experience with your most important information (most viewed pages) on top. Be sure to pay attention to your design elements as well. Broken links or buttons that are too small to click will frustrate your users. Finally, your mobile site should reflect your desktop site. Use the same color scheme, logos, etc. You’ll want one consistent look, feel, and message.

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5) Integrated Marketing

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Integrated marketing means creating campaigns with multiple touch points through a diverse usage of media. You want to integrate your branding message across all platforms – social media, outdoor media, print collateral, television, radio, live events, etc. Keep the message consistent throughout each media, or else you risk confusing, and thus losing your audience.

In order to successfully integrate your marketing efforts, you must develop a strategy for each media. This should start with a detailed audience analysis. Get to know them and what they want. Then, when creating your message, go for something DISRUPTIVE! Dare to shake it up! Create a buzz! Nowadays you can’t be too cautious or too conservative. You’ll blend in with the rest of the crowd – and in marketing, that’s NOT good. You want to stand out!

Going forward in 2014, it will be crucial that you link your offline messaging with your online messaging. The two must go hand-in-hand. Some ways to do this include printing your Twitter handle (@Sparxoo) and hashtag (#ChampionYourBrand) on your printed pieces and directing consumers to use both when tweeting. Also, be sure to use your social media accounts to advertise any offline events that you have planned. Play with both online and offline mediums back and forth. Use them in conjunction with the other to maximize your reach. And remember – increase the amount of times you connect with your consumers. One message a day is not enough!

Think of it this way: Let’s say you are advertising a live event that requires the customer to buy a ticket ahead of time. The customer hears your ad on the radio one morning as he’s getting dressed. Perhaps he’ll buy right away, but chances are he won’t. One ad will not necessarily lead to a conversion. However, he then sees your billboard on his way to work. While he’s conducting some research online, he sees a banner ad for the same event. Then, at lunchtime as he’s checking his Facebook account, he sees an event invitation, or better yet, his buddies are talking about the event. Each ad contained the same message: “Event ABC on This Date at This Time and you should attend because of X, Y, and Z.” That’s four different touch points and it’s only noon. He then repeatedly sees these messages over and over again. THIS is how you integrate your message into every marketing stream. THIS is how you get a conversion.

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