Creating buzzworthy experience marketing is more vital to marketing trends than you may think. Just putting your product or service on the shelf in 2014 will not be enough. You have to start thinking about creating a buzz around your product. You must get people talking and create excitement over your brand!

What Does It Mean to Be “Buzzworthy”?

Being buzzworthy means you have created an experience that people will remember and recommend to others. They will talk about it. Share their experiences on social media. It makes them laugh. It elicits emotions. It gives them interesting information. It’s something out of the ordinary, something different. It’s usually a more personalized experience whereby you are giving the audience something that they want.

Buzzworthy experience marketing can be used to announce a new product or service, an upgrade to your existing business, or a one-time only event that will be used to get your brand name out there.

So how do you create a buzzworthy experience? The following tactics will be ones to watch in the New Year. How do they fit in to YOUR marketing plans?

Social Media to Reach the Masses

What’s the best way to get people talking quickly with the most reach possible? Social media, of course. There are more than just a few ways to use this medium.

You can use social media networks to drum up interest in your brand:

  • Create a viral video that gets people laughing or is used as a “teaser” for your upcoming product or service release.
  • Use a “countdown” until the release of your new product or service.
  • Create Facebook event pages for a live event, release date, etc.
  • If holding a live event, use Eventbrite for tickets and registration purposes.
  • Advertise on LinkedIn (if appropriate).
  • Hold a contest through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram that involves your brand. Note: Make sure your giveaways and prizes are worth winning!
  • Develop a hashtag that will be specific to your buzzworthy experience and ask your followers to use that hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. (This is also a good way for you to track your social media reach.)

Mobile Messaging for Those on the Go

Ok, so believe it or not, not everyone utilizes a social media network. Nor does everyone have time to continually check those networks if they use them. That’s why text messaging will become a much more utilized method of disseminating information to the masses in 2014. Texts immediately reach their recipients. A study showed that 98% of all text messages are opened compared to 71% of tweets being ignored!

That being said, it’s important to use texts wisely. Most people still consider their phone numbers and texting to be a more direct and intimate line of communication. It’s a more intrusive form of communication vs. the user having to actively search through a social network feed. So be careful what you send. Make sure your texts contain something truly useful, something worth sending a text over, and something that they can only get via text and nowhere else. Examples include discount codes for use in-stores and online, contests with unique prizes, giveaways, or reminders about your live event with details on where to go.

Live Events for Brand Awareness

Use live events to draw attention to your brand and create brand awareness. Create a gala event to announce a new product line. Stage an event in the open (weather permitting) where people will see and interact with your brand. Draw people into your activation by using radio remotes, DJs, street teams, etc. Have your street teams circulate the area a few days prior to the event handing out promotional materials advertising the event and talking to locals to generate interest. Offer coupons and discounts for attending the event, and advertise any contests that will take place. Have Twitter walls or screens scrolling the live feeds using the specific hashtags you created for the event.

You can even hold smaller, one-on-one promotional events, perhaps directly where the consumer shops for your product, i.e. department stores, grocery stores, etc. Afford them the opportunity to sample your products. Provide trained spokespeople who are educated advocates of your brand to inform the public of the benefits and features of your products or services. Have your brand advocates direct people to tweet about your brand while at the event and encourage them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, etc. (Click here for more tips on how to generate a buzz throughout all event phases.)

There are plenty of eye-catching, attention-grabbing effects that you can use at live events. The main point to remember is: MAKE IT MEMORABLE!

The beauty of making something buzzworthy is that you can keep it small and targeted, or go big and create a big splash! Either way, as long as your experience is memorable and gets people talking, you’ve done your job. Be sure to keep in mind the most effective ways to extend your reach. Even with a small experience, it could be something that’s so dynamic that it lights up social media feeds.