The difference between runaway business success and mediocrity often comes down to developing and implementing a great sales strategy.  Yes, you need a great product that uniquely addresses a market need.  And marketing dollars are always helpful.  The final measurement success is revenue and profits, which means you should focus on Sales.  Sales. Sales.  Read Sparxoo’s spin on “Grow and Harvest Your Business” by Seth Godin. thumbs resourcepage sales growth tn Sales Strategy Guide

Build a Talented Sales Team

thumbs resourcepage sales building tn Sales Strategy Guide Great sales starts with building a great sales team. You’ll want high energy, strong relationships, the ability to reach influencers, and great communication skills.  Once you create the perfect team, provide leadership to elevate their performance.

Connect With Sales Prospects

thumbs resourcepage sales connecting tn Sales Strategy Guide Once you’ve assembled a great sales team, set them loose to win accounts.  Mine existing relationships and form new ones.  Consider the impact of influencers as you build valuable relationships.

Make the Sale

thumbs resourcepage sales shakinghands tn Sales Strategy Guide Now that you are in front of your audience, it’s time to wow them with a great presentation and build momentum to close a sale.

Long-Term Focus on Sales Growth

thumbs resourcepage sales growth tn Sales Strategy Guide Making the sale is an important milestone in implementing your sale strategy.  Your company’s growth depends on your ability to deepen customer relationships.  It is often said that 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your customers.  Mike Carroll of Intelligent Communications says, “The success of your business comes down to the customer experience. Make your customers’ satisfaction your priority.”

Must Read Articles: Focus on Sales Growth

thumbs insiders innovation thumbnail Sales Strategy Guide Once you have a strong priority that addresses a product need, make sales your priority.  The more your sales increase, the more you can expand your business.