“Most people are interested in working for and buying from companies that they judge are a good company,” Kate Tierney, the national director of sales at Alter Eco, told MarketWatch. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s time to look beyond profits and think about how you can create sustainable impact.
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Social Mission Basics

thumbs resourcepage entrepreneur basics tn Guide to Social Entrepreneurship What does it mean to be green, eco or sustainable? How can you get started with your social mission? What are the key concepts that will help you push your social mission further? We have outlined the essentials you will need to develop your social mission.

How To Guide

thumbs resourcepage entrepreneur howto tn Guide to Social Entrepreneurship Incorporating a social mission is a “must-have” for tomorrow’s business leaders. We will explore how a social mission can grow your customer base, rally your team and increase brand awareness.

Best Practices

thumbs resourcepage branding dev tn Guide to Social Entrepreneurship Sparxoo brings you real experiences through our interviews with social entrepreneurs who have built strategies to overcome challenges and forge their own paths. We talked sustainable food with Jared Koch, founder of Clean Plates N.Y.C. and discussed crowdfunding with Kiva’s market director. We share learnings from TOMS Shoes and The Larry Paul Foundation, offering tips to help you build a more sustainable venture.

Selling Your Social Mission

thumbs resourcepage funding main tn Guide to Social Entrepreneurship Some social entrepreneurs, such as TOMS Shoes, have a long list of celebrities and influential figures to help support the mission. In fact, TOMS Shoes spends little to no capital on marketing — relying instead on enthusiastic industry supporters. For those who lack access to capital, you’ll need to be creative in using some of the tools listed below to sell your entrepreneurial vision and maximize your impact.

Must Read: Social Venture Resources

thumbs mustreadsoccap tn Guide to Social Entrepreneurship Socially responsible investing is a growing sector. The pool of socially responsible investment dollars in the United States has now grown to $2.34 trillion and the second quarter of this year has seen a 12% increase in clean tech investment, a $1.2 billion upswing. To capture a small slice, we have provided rich resources and directories to help you find an investor right for you.